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Here is what you would learn in the 8-DAY

Day -1 (2 Hrs)

  • You as memory coach
  • How does the mind learn?
  • How do mind remember things?
  • Scope for memory coach – You?
  • Where can you help and guide students?
  • What are top memory methods and techniques?
  • Memory Coach Need to be…
  • Memory Coach Need not to be…
  • Benefits of Memory Coaching.

Day -2 (2 Hrs)

  • The flow for Memory training
  • Memory tools
  • Rules for Linking the objects and
  • Tool Acronym
  • Pegging As a Memory technique
  • List of Peg words for different things
  • How to create your own peg system

Day -3 (2 Hrs)

  • Science of Learning
  • Any History date and its day
  • 300 Years Calendar
  • Magical show – An expression of great memory.

Day -4 (2 Hrs)

  • Applications of memory tools
  • How to choose a memory system for a task
  • Retaining List of Books and authors
  • Retaining list of Inventions and Inventors
  • Vocab Mastery

Day -5  (2 Hrs)

  • Applications of memory tools for course subjects’
  • For subject Science
  • For subject social studies
  • For languages

Day -6  (2 Hrs)

  • How to remember the birthdays of your loved ones
  • Our Pi Shala
  • Magic tool – retaining long numbers
  • Memorizing mobile numbers

Day -7  (2 Hrs)

  • Seminar Mastery
  • Business Mastery

Day -8  (2 Hrs)

  • Way forward
  • Action plan for coaches
  • Training and Coaching Modules


  • It’s a Certification Course – You will get a Certificate of Completion mentioning you as Certified Memory Coach
  • The training format is highly interactive it’s not one-sided training. You can ask questions and clear your doubts during the training.
  • After Certification your Profile will be visible/shown on the official website
  • PPTs and Content used in training will be shared with you.
  • Seven E-Books on Parenting & related topics will be given to you during the course of seven days.
  • Recording of all days will be shared with you.

 Program Facilitator: Abhishek Kumar Jhawar(Click to know about facilitator)

Contact Number: +91 9770069718

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Who Can Enroll In This Workshop 

Anybody can learn.
You may be Student, Home Maker, Working Professional, or
A Businessman the only thing required is a hunger to learn and explore the best in yourself.

Don’t Miss This Chance … Limited Seats … Enroll Now