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Active member to elicit peak performance in Patna Big mic

Attended in Patna Big mic program to elicit peak performance state to feel good


Parenting cousellor
Career counsellor
Mind power Counsellor
NLP master practitioner
In life, you need either Inspiration or desperation!

Tony Robbins


Parenting coach

Deal all kinds of parenting issues of Toddlers, Teens and Mid school parents

Performance coach

How to elicit peak performance

NLP Master practitioner

Meatal, Psychological and suicidal behavioral counselling


How you can heal yourself without medicine

Word has the power to change physical structure of a solid

About me

Alam mIr

Parenting coaching

My name is Alam Mir. I have more than 24 years of experience in the construction world as a Civil Engineer with an MBA in Personnel management. I am an NLP certified, life coach, personal development coach, and motivational speaker.

Even with having a great job and steady career growth, I really didn’t feel fulfilled.

I always have a passion to serve people in large groups.

I feel everyone has its birth right to lead a happy life ahead. From then I am looking into the huge potential to tap humans into human psychology as well as a mental aspect to change the behavioral aspect of people for fast personal growth for a happy life. I work hard and self-acquired the practical knowledge NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic programming ) from renowned Indian Behavioral scientist Md. Rafi and also got certification from Dr. Steve G. Jobs.

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