Do you remember when did you last brachiate or have motivated your child to do so? Well now what is this new term Brachiation, it is nothing but simply hanging and monkeying around on trees or on the metal ladders which we have in our park’s or playgrounds.

We hardly pay heed to such simple and interesting activities nor do we dig deep to know the science hidden behind it, have we ever given a piece of mind onto why such ladders were there on playground? And usual answer we get is to increase your height.

There are many benefits of brachiation apart from increasing the height. Brachiation is the ability to swing from rung to rung on an overhead ladder. It is considered one of the milestone like crawling, scooting, walking.

This activity is extremely easy for a very young child and extremely difficult for an adult.

10 most important benefits of the brachiation ladders:

  • Improvement of intelligence.
  • Extension of the rib cage. Greater thoracic extension means more oxygen for the brain.
  • Improvement of breathing
  • Increase in the strength of the hands and arms.
  • Help in the proper development of the back.
  • Decrease in respiratory diseases.
  • Better definition of the laterality of the brain.
  • Better development of manual skill.
  • Greater ease and dexterity when writing.
  • Improvement of visual convergence.
  • Optimal development of eye-hand coordination.

From the sensorial point of view, the brachiation ladder must be made of wood and never of iron, aluminum or plastic. Also with the wood, the hands do not slip.

Try to have one brachiation ladder at home instead of expensive mindless toys. Children will have an activity which could be one substitute to reduce screen time as well.

Happy Parenting and Happy Brachiating

Article by Dr Shraddha Tendulkar

Source of information and Courtesy: Glenn Doman’s book

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    • Dr. Shraddha, it’s very very true that it helps in many ways….I used to do so much in my school days at native. Our hand use to become so red after doing that…. wonderful insights you brought here. Thank you for remembering those days 🙂💞

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